Adult Sunday School

Leader: Holly Scoville


Adult Sunday School Update!  (May 2024)

     We have been using the book A Call To Prayer; A Season of Harvest to guide our study in class this year. It is 111 pages long.  We have completed less than half so far!  The Table of Contents will provide you with some insight into why it has been such a slow journey!!

    “The Power of Prayer, The Model Prayer, Hindrances to Prayer, Pray for Revival, Prayer as Intimacy with God, The Ultimate Strategy, ‘My House Will Be Called a House of Prayer’, Deepening Your Prayer Life, A Concert of Prayer, Resources on Prayer, A Prayer Covenant”

    No matter how long you have been a follower of Jesus Christ, there is always so much more to learn from the Scriptures.  Are we done? NO!   As we continue walking daily with the Lord, it is so important to continue to listen and respond to the promptings of the Holy Spirit as we pray and continue to learn.  Jesus gave us The Lord’s Prayer when the disciples asked Him to teach them how to pray.  They saw a difference …not just rote recitation but communication with God, the creator of all!    Join us at 9:30 Sunday morning in the adult Sunday school classroom if you are able.  Above all….continue to grow in your prayer life as you walk closer to the Lord!    Peace and grace!                  

        We pray together, share with each other as we are reminded of the necessity of continual awareness of God as “Our Father.”  Join us at 9:30 Sunday morning to reflect, learn together and grow in our daily Christian walk!

                                                                         In Christ’s love and service,   Holly Scoville